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Wife to Nick, busy Mum of two and a strong believer that every parent deserves to have a positive birth experience and to look back on that day we moved from London to Surrey just over two years ago, soon after discovering that we were also expecting a baby. Yep, that old cliché!

Although excited to be having a baby, I felt anxious and scared about the birth itself and as someone who likes to “plan for the worst but hope for the best” the only logical and risk-free option seemed to be an elective caesarean. After hearing a few people talk about “Hypnobirthing”, I roped my husband into attending a free taster session. It was amazing! Even after just one hour, we both felt so much more informed about the birthing process and for the very first time I thought, “I can actually do this!”. Needless to say, we signed up to do a course.

After experiencing how powerful Hypnobirthing had been for Betsy’s birth, and again recently for our Home Birth with Jasper, we soon realised that the positive birth experience we had was remarkably different to what most couples had been through. The difference seemed to be Hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing has certainly had a profound effect on the both of us and we apply the skills we learnt to this day as parents. It was this passion and enthusiasm to help other expectant parents that it prompted me to train as a Hypnobirthing teacher just 6 weeks after my daughter was born (and whilst I was on maternity leave from my job in the City!)

Not really knowing anyone in the local area, we also signed up for another antenatal course, not so much for the learning element but to meet people, affectionally known as “buying friends”. Although it was great to meet other couples on their journey into Parenthood, spending more evenings sat in someone else’s living room, was another commitment (on both our time and wallet) that, in hindsight we could have done without. This was the inspiration behind The Parenthood Supper Club.

What about you? What brings you here?

Maybe you’re here because you’re scared of giving birth?

You’ve seen what birth is like on TV and films – emergencies, blue-flashing lights and screams of “Get this baby out of me”. Pretty scary stuff by anyone’s standard! Let’s not even start on the horror stories people seem to delight in telling pregnant women.

Maybe you’re here because you feel out of control?

You and your partner have worked together as a team to plan some big milestones in your life; moving home, planning a wedding, renovating a house. But this feels beyond your control as it’s not something you can plan for, right?

Maybe you’re here because someone has told you that Hypnobirthing is the answer?

So, you’ve googled “Hypnobirthing near me”, and here you are. But what is it exactly? You’ve mentioned it to your other half who thinks it sounds like a load of hippy dippy rubbish and to be honest you’re a bit sceptical too. You’re not entirely convinced that you’re “that type of person?”

Maybe you’ve recently moved to the area and want to make some new friends?

It’s suddenly dawned on you that once you’ve had your baby, you don’t really know any other new parents in your local area. Who are you going to meet-up with for coffee or go on a walk with to get you out of the house? You’re both busy with work and weekends are taken up choosing things like prams, cots and decorating the nursery. How and when are you going to meet other couples?

Whatever reason you have for being here, congratulations! You’ve made the first step towards taking control of your baby’s birth so that no matter what happens on the day, you’ll feel confident, calm and prepared. Sound good? Take a look at our courses and events:


Our informative and relatable Hypnobirthing courses and events, help support and educate expectant couples to feel empowered and positive about birth and parenthood.

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