The Birth Story of Evie

Second time Mum Kate shares her story on the birth of her second child Evie and the difference that hypnobirthing made the second time around…

When I fell pregnant for the second time, I found I was far more nervous about childbirth than the first time (mainly down to my first being back-to-back). I opted for a hospital water birth and knew that I definitely wanted to do a thorough hypnobirthing course to remind me of everything I’d forgotten and to keep me super calm. I knew that if the baby was in the right position, the labour would be easy as hell, but the baby was almost fully back-to-back.

Two weeks post the “due date” and three sweeps later (which I didn’t find a problem), the erratic contractions that I had on and off for weeks finally kicked in. The contractions started at a soft play (!) and carried on throughout dinner with the grandparents and a Michael Macintyre DVD (great for getting the oxytocin going). I could chat through the early contractions which were random in timing and not in any way painful (once you learn how to breathe through them). The early labour stage lasted around 13 hours, which sounds long but is probably only 90 mins of actual contractions between fillers of time when you feel completely normal, just strangely calm. In fact, it was so easy I told my husband to take a nap!

The midwives would comment on how calm the room was when they came in for check-ups (I had switched off all the lights and brought a speaker for my ‘massage-style’ music)! At 5 am my waters hadn’t broken, and I was still 5cm dilated (no progress for 5 hours) so they popped them, which just felt like I’d wet myself, and shortly after the final (or downstage) of labour started.

For the next 3 hours, I focused on my breathing, using some gas & air and a Tens machine. I remember thinking how much more manageable the contractions were in comparison to back-to-back labour. Doing it for a second time you are much more aware of where the baby is and what various sensations mean so you feel incredibly in control. It was weirdly fun, and we were all laughing at times because I couldn’t believe how easy it was to literally breathe this baby out using the hypnobirthing techniques Karianne had taught me.

Our baby girl weighing a whopping 9lb10 (100% percentile!) literally fell out with zero tearing and no real pain relief (or even the water birth I’d planned due to no rooms being available in the maternity ward). Much like childbirth, nothing worthwhile is super easy, but it is incredibly satisfying and seriously empowering… you feel like a superhero with a new-born in your arms.

I can’t believe what a different experience it was the second time around and hypnobirthing made all the difference. Thank you Karianne.

Kate, Adam, Alexa and baby Evie x

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