The Birth Story of Thea-Rose

Hi Karianne,

We wanted to let you know that after a somewhat long few days spent in the hospital, our beautiful little girl, Thea-Rose was born on Friday 12th July at 11.22 am.

After noticing reduced movement on Monday, we called the maternity line who advised we come in for some monitoring, just to be on the safe side. The ECG machine showed that her heart rate was fluctuating and when it dropped for the second time, we were wheeled into theatre, ready to prepare for a caesarean section. By this point, I was feeling really emotional. This wasn’t how we envisaged her birth; especially after how hard we had worked with Hypnobirthing to prepare ourselves for a natural birth.  However, after checking her heartrate again, she had stabilised, so we returned to the ward.

The obstetrician advised that the best course of action would be to begin the induction process that evening as it was not the first time we had been in for reduced movement. I was really hoping to go home during this process but because of her fluctuating heart rate, they wanted to keep us in. Although relieved at the peace of mind for the extra monitoring, I also felt a bit sad at the prospect being induced as I had really wanted to experience going into spontaneous labour!

We began the induction process that evening, firstly with a pessary to try and soften my cervix and kick start the labour process. Having little effect, the midwife then performed a sweep and also inserted prostaglandin tablets and at this point, I could start to feel some slight surges but then would quickly disappear. This process was repeated 3 times.

By Wednesday, I was feeling pretty fed up with not much happening and being confined to a hot, noisy and busy labour ward. The next step was to be moved into the delivery suite to have my waters broken, which we were told was currently full.

Andy was just brilliant throughout everything. He knew all the right questions to ask (using our B.R.A.I.N!) whilst also being polite and respectful. We practised the breathing exercises and visualisations we learnt on our course with you, which really helped to keep me calm.

However, by Thursday lunchtime, I was feeling exhausted, anxious and completely fed up! We had asked earlier that day if we could go home for a bit, but the answer was no (no doubt due to the strict hospital protocols). I think Andy’s protector instinct must have really kicked in then! He recognised that the current environment and my state of mind were not conducive for a positive birth. So, with that, we headed home where I had a shower, something to eat and play with our dogs. We returned back to the hospital that afternoon, no-one had even realised we had gone! I’m so thankful that Andy had made that judgment call. I felt so much calmer, relieved, happy and full of renewed energy.

Early the next morning they moved us into the delivery suite where they began the next steps of the induction process. After giving me some gas and air, a midwife broke my waters and then told us to go and have some breakfast and come back in two hours. When we returned, they administered some synthetic oxytocin via a drip, hooked me up to the ECG machine again and told me to have a sleep. As I turned over to get more comfortable, her heart rate dropped again. The consultant came in and advised us that this time, it would be safest to prepare us for theatre. Both Andy and I felt happy with this decision and we agreed.

Even though there were quite a few people in the room, I remember noticing how calm and polite everyone was. They all came and introduced themselves, shaking our hands and explaining everything they were doing. We really felt like part of the team, which helped us to feel calm, in control and that we were making the best decision.

Although it was wasn’t quite the birth we expected, it was still positive and without a doubt, Hypnobirthing had given us a more positive attitude on how we dealt with things when they were thrown at us.  The team were brilliant and listened to all of my requests (dropping the drape, immediate skin to skin, etc) to make us feel like we were still preparing for a birth rather than a medical procedure. The whole time, we knew that we had options and that positivity would get us further than dwelling on the negative.

Doing the Hypnobirthing course together as a couple really was invaluable. Although Andy and I have always been close, I can see that as the Dad, he could easily feel left out. Hypnobirthing really made him part of the process and allowed him to take control when he needed to.

He knew when I needed prompts such as arm stroking, music, and when I needed a break. The course gave him the confidence to act on instinct, which made all the difference to us and our birth experience.

Thank you

Donné and Andy (and Thea-Rose) x

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